Leica M

The introduction of the Leica M cameras dates back to 1959 when the M1 got released.

Release dates of Leica cameras

M1 1959
M2 1957
M3 1954
MP 1956
M4 1967
M5 1971
M6 1984
M7 2002
M8 2006
M9 2009

Current Leica M cameras:


Technical data of current Leica M models (Q1/2010)

Camera MP M7 M9
Film speed range ISO 6 to 6400 ISO 12 to 3200 ISO 80 to  2500
Image Sensor 5270 x 3516 pixels
(18.5 Megapixel)
24mm x 36mm
Storage / Film 24mm x 36mm 24mm x 36mm SD/SDHC card
(max. 32 GB)
File size DNG 18MB compressed
DNG 36MB uncompressed
Frames / s 2
Flash synchronisation speed 1/50s or slower 1/50s or slower 1/180s or slower
Shutter speeds 1s to 1/1000s 32s to 1/1000s 32s to 1/4000s
Dimensions (W x H x D) 138mm x 77mm x 38mm 138mm x 79.5mm x 38mm 139mm x 80mm x 37mm
Weight 585g 610g 585g
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